The Educational Program of Honors Class (4 years) is built upon the Standard Regular Undergraduate Program, supplementing foundational scientific knowledge and advanced specialization to align with a research-oriented direction.

The program's objectives are to identify, nurture, and provide conditions for the development of outstanding students who can become scientists and highly skilled experts, thereby cultivating a high-quality human resource pool for the region and the country.

Students study in a small class environment (about 40 students), receiving instruction and research guidance from an experienced faculty team.

Overview of training program

  • Program title: Bachelor of Information Technology
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science
  • Educational type: full-time
  • Program duration: 04 years
  • Language: Vietnamese
  • Total credits: 138 credits
  • Admission year: 2020

The structure of the curricula (138 credits)


General Education: Accumulate a total of 56 credits

  1. Political Theory (11 credits)
  2. Social Sciences – Economics – Skills (05 credits)
  3. Mathematics – Natural Sciences – Technology – Environment (36 credits)
  4. Informatics (04 credits)

Fundamental Education - Specific Knowledge (38 credits)

  1. CSC10001 Introduction to programming
  2. CSC10002 Programming techniques
  3. CSC10003 Object-oriented programming
  4. CSC10004 Data structures and algorithms
  5. CSC10006 Introduction to Databases
  6. CSC10007 Operating system
  7. CSC10008 Computer networking
  8. CSC10009 Computer systems
  9. CSC13002 Introduction to software engineering
  10. CSC14003 Foundations of artificial intelligence



Specialized Education (34 credits)

Compulsory (08 credits).

  1. CSC14007 Introduction to algorithm complexity analysis
  2. CSC14008 Scientific research methods

Elective (minimum 26 credits).

Accumulated according to the list of modules listed in the training program.

Graduate Requirements (10 credits)

CSC10251 Graduation thesis.