Our group aims to explore the applications of audio processing such as voice recognition, speaker identification, and steganography in sound. Initially, we mainly focused on providing guidance on thesis / dissertation for students and researching technologies to solve related problems. We will register our project when the results and resources allow.


  • Voice recognition, speaker recognition, data hiding on audio.


  • Dr. Chau Thanh Duc
  • Dr. Nguyen Hai Minh
  • Dr. Ngo Minh Nhut
  • MSc. Cao Xuan Nam
  • Nguyen Ha Vu Duy (Graduated student)
  • Nguyen Thi Thanh Trang (Regular Student)
  • Tran Nguyen Son Thanh (APCS Student)
  • Huynh Ha Mai Trinh (APCS Student)
  • Vo Thanh Phuong (Student)
  • Huynh Hong An (Student)