Human-Computer Interaction & User Experience Design (HCI & UXD)

The Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience Design (HCI & UXD Group), which stands for Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience Design, is a research group focused on using technology and interdisciplinary knowledge to design systems, technologies, interfaces, and interaction techniques with users at the center to improve human performance or experience with computers. The HCI & UXD Group draws resources from various fields, not only in the technology field, such as human-computer interaction, user experience design, graphics, computer vision, artificial intelligence, signal processing, electronics, software engineering, games, psychology, behavioral science, etc, both in academia and industry. The main goal of the group is to combine technology and human science to develop new interfaces, methods, and technologies that enhance and improve human interaction with different computer systems, as well as design interactive systems that enhance user performance and experience in specific tasks and contexts.

Research topics

  • Computer Supported Collaborative Works
  • Virtual reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed reality
  • Interactive surfaces/spaces
  • Mobile interaction
  • Interactive training systems
  • Interaction design
  • Interactive entertainment systems
  • Creativity support
  • Tangible interaction
  • Assistive Systems



  • Prof. Morten Fjeld (University of Bergen, Norway - Advisor)
  • Prof. Shengdong Zhao (National University of Singapore, Singapore - Advisor)
  • Prof. Andreas Kunz (ETH Zurich, Switzerland - Advisor)
  • Prof. Nguyen Van Tam (University of Dayton, USA - Advisor)
  • Prof. Kening Zhu (City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong - Advisor)

Group members

  • Dr. Le Khanh Duy (Group leader)
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Minh Triet
  • Dr. Le Trung Nghia
  • MSc. Tran Ngoc Dat Thanh (Research assistant)
  • BSc. Huynh Viet Tham (Research associate)
  • BSc. Ly Duy Nam (Research associate)
  • Student Nguyen Hoang Long (intern)
  • Student Le Quang Tri (intern)


  • Dr. Nguyen Vinh Tiep (VNUHCM-UIT)
  • Dr. Vi Chi Thanh (VNUHCM-IU)
  • Dr. Tran Quang Tanh (Otago University, New Zealand)


  • HybridMingling: Designing and developing a virtual-augmented reality solution to support mingling at hybrid conferences and events (2022)

    Research funded by Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City - University of Science

  • GrandAR Piano: Combining augmented reality and large display interaction for virtual piano playing (2022)

    Applied design project in collaboration between SELab, VNUHCM-US and UEH University

  • Kids’ Piano: Piano-playing game combining augmented reality and large display interaction for AEON Mall Tân Phú (2022)

    Knowledge-transfer project developing a public game for kids based on GrandAR Piano for AEON Mall Tan Phu (a large Japanese commercial complex in Vietnam), a collaborative work between SELab, UEH University and Gumi Viet (agency working with AEON Mall)


  • HybridMingler: Towards Mixed-Reality Support for Mingling at Hybrid Conferences (CHI 2023)
  • 360TourGuiding: Towards Virtual Reality Training for Tour Guiding (MobileHCI 2022)
  • Public Speaking Simulator with Speech and Audience Feedback (IEEE VR 2022)
  • VXSlate: Exploring combination of head movements and mobile touch for large virtual display interaction (IEEE DIS 2021)
  • VXSlate: Combining Head Movement and Mobile Touch for Large Virtual Display Interaction (IEEE VR 2021)
  • DigiMetaplan: supporting facilitated brainstorming for distributed business teams (ACM MUM 2019)
  • GazeLens: Guiding Attention to Improve Gaze Interpretation in Hub-Satellite Collaboration (IFIP INTERACT 2019)
  • MirrorTablet: exploring a low-cost mobile system for capturing unmediated hand gestures in remote collaboration (ACM MUM 2017)
  • Immersive environment for distributed creative collaboration (ACM VRST 2017)
  • NowAndThen: a social network-based photo recommendation tool supporting reminiscence (ACM MUM 2016)