VNUHCM - University of Science began organizing the Vietnam Student Olympiad in Informatics competition in 2004. Over the years, generations of students from the university have achieved remarkable success in the Vietnam Student Olympiad in Informatics and the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) Asia.

  • In the Vietnam Student Olympiad in Informatics, our university won over 30 First prizes, 30 Second prizes, and 40 Third prizes for individuals and teams in various competition categories.
  • In the ICPC World Final, students from the faculty have also made outstanding achievements, having reached the World Finals 8 times in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2014, 2016, 2018, 2021, and 2022. Especially in 2018, our students made history by being the first university in Vietnam to have three teams with remarkable achievements qualify for the global finals. It is an excellent motivation for the organizers and teachers who have always been passionate about the competition.


Each April, the Faculty of Information Technology organizes a large-scale "Job Fair" for students to network and interact with major IT companies in Ho Chi Minh City. The annual event attracts around 40 IT companies and over 3000 student participants, making it a highly anticipated occasion for students seeking job prospects in the IT industry.

Representative of GeoComply company awarded scholarships to students


Every year, the Faculty of Information Technology launches multiple scholarship programs to support students who face challenging circumstances but demonstrate remarkable academic performance and dedication. The available scholarships include the following:

  • Academic Promotion Scholarship
  • Career Preparation Scholarship
  • Scholarships for Outstanding Students and Runners-up
  • Alumni Scholarship

The scholarship programs run from April to December each year.


The Faculty of Information Technology holds annual graduation ceremonies for students enrolled in all programs. These ceremonies typically take place between November and December. At graduation ceremonies, the faculty often combines awarding scholarships to students with excellent academic performance, training, and also to those who have overcome difficulties.

Dr. Dinh Ba Tien - Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology in the exchange of new students


The New Student Orientation Program is organized at the beginning of each academic year to welcome freshmen and help them integrate into the new learning environment. The program supports students in gaining important information about academic studies and developing essential skills for their future careers.

Spring of love activities, Spring volunteering campaign in 2023


Besides learning and practicing professional skills, the Faculty of Information Technology students are actively engaged in community-oriented volunteer activities. These include organizing events and teaching regularly at orphanages and shelters across the city during occasions such as Mid-Autumn Festival, holidays, and summer camps in suburban areas, as well as contributing to funds to support disadvantaged students and providing aid to flood victims.