The group researches and builds intelligent systems that support people in operations and decision-making through collecting, processing, and analyzing data from various sources. Solutions are built based on the application of research results in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, optimization, etc.

Study topic

  • Computer Vision: object tracking, detection, recognition, and segmentation...
  • Scheduling & AI Planning
  • Combinatorial Optimization
  • Applications on smartphones: location-based applications, sensors-based applications...


  • Dr. Dinh Ba Tien (Leader)
  • MSc. Pham Hoang Hai
  • MSc. Truong Phuoc Loc
  • MSc. Ho Tuan Thanh
  • Dr. Le Phong (Alumni)
  • Dr. Dang Thi Thanh Nguyen (Alumni)
  • Dr. Nguyen Le Nguyen Ngu (Alumni)
  • Dr. Pham Tu San (Alumni)
  • Dr. Trinh Tran Dang Khoa (Alumni)
  • Dr. Pham Tuan Vu (Alumni)
  • PhD. Student Nam Vo (Alumni)
  • PhD. Student Quang Tran (Alumni)
  • MSc. Le Minh Quoc (Alumni)
  • MSc. Dinh Bao Tuyen (Alumni)
  • MSc. Duong Trong Dinh (Alumni)
  • MSc. Huy Nguyen (Alumni)
  • MSc. Nguyen Thanh Quang (Alumni)
  • MSc. Vu Ngoc Sen (Alumni)


Master Thesis
  • An Approximation Approach for a Real–World Variant of Vehicle Routing Problem – Dang Thi Thanh Nguyen (2011)
  • A meta-heuristic approach for Cell Formation Problem – Dinh Bao Tuyen (2011)
  • Sports Video Classification using Bag of Words Model – Duong Trong Dinh (2011)
  • MovieLens Recommendation System – Huy Nguyen (2012)
  • Using ambient audio in secure mobile phone communication Authors – Nguyen Le Nguyen Ngu (2012)
  • Real-World Asymmetric Vehicle Routing Problem – Pham Tu San (2012)
  • Positioning and Traffic Estimation based on Mobile Phone Cell-IDs – Truong Phuoc Loc (2013)
  • Variable Neighborhood Search for Water Distribution Network Design Problem – Nguyen Thanh Quang (2013)
  • Iterated Local Search in Nurse Rostering Problem – Vu Ngoc Sen (2013)
  • Indoor Human Action Recognition System using RGBD data – Ho Tuan Thanh (2013)
  • Mobile GPS System – Pham Hoang Hai, Truong Phuoc Loc
  • A Self-Drawing Map System – Tran Minh Quang, Nguyen Ngoc Thi
  • A Geographical Information Retrieval using Self-Collected Spatial and Non-Spatial Data – Pham Tu San, Ho Tuan Thanh
  • A Real Time Player Tracking System for Broadcast Tennis Video – Dang Vinh Bao, Tran Minh An
  • tnBus – Tran Viet Xuan Phuong, Le Thanh Trung
  • tnTruck – Nguyen Quynh Mai, Nguyen Tran Vu
  • tnTaxi – Le Duc Tung, Nguyen Sy Phu
  • Background Subtraction and Object Tracking for Traffic Surveillance Systems – Chau The Hai, Hong Chan Phat
  • Human Detection for Class Surveillance Systems – Nguyen Xuan Tuong Huy, Nguyen Hoang Vu
  • CineCafe – Doan Trung Tin, Tran Kim Tuyen
  • tnTruck v2 – Phan Viet Huy
  • MyPlace: A Location-based Social Network – Huynh Nam, Bui Nguyen Thuc Minh, Nguyen Khoa Nam
  • A Location-based Commerce System – Le Van Long, Nguyen Thi Ngoc Nhi
  • A Human Detection System – Huy Nguyen, Vu Nguyen
  • News with Recommendations Using Sencha Touch Framework – Le Minh Quoc, Nguyen Minh Phuong Thao
  • A Multiple Object Tracking System – Huynh Vinh Loc, Nguyen Thanh Dat
  • An Efficient Human-Computer Interaction Framework Using Skin Color Tracking and Gesture Recognition – Nam Vo, Quang Tran
  • A Stochastic Optimization Method for Solving the Machine–Part Cell Formation Problem – Trinh Tran Dang Khoa, Pham Tuan Vu
  • Secure Authentication For Mobile Devices Based On Acoustic Background Fingerprint – Quan Quach, Hai Hoang
  • Augmented Virtual Fitting Room using Kinect for Xbox 360 – Nguyen Mau Toan, Duong Huu Phuoc
  • Interactive Face Labeling System in Real-World Videos – Nguyen Hai Trieu, Nguyen Ngoc Hien
  • Localization and Velocity Estimation – Hung Nguyen, My Tho Ho
  • A Super Market Management System – Vo Ly Minh Nhan, Luu Minh Tan
  • Metaheuristic approach in scheduling appointments for chemotherapy – Nguyen Hoang Nhat Minh, Le Minh Duc
  • Interior Decoration using Virtual Reality with Samsung Gear VR – Vo Thi Nhat Linh, Ho Huynh Ngoc Mai
  • Meta-heuristics to solve a districting problem of a public medical clinic – Tran Tinh Chi
  • MergedGrid - An algorithm for continuous constrained k nearest neighbor monitoring – Nguyen Le Bao, Nguyen Quang Minh Tri
  • Counting People from Overhead RGB Camera Using Virtual Sensor – Khoi Hoang, Kiet The Chuong
  • A Blockchain-based Peer-to-Peer Lending System – Nguyen Hoang Thien, Nguyen Chau Thanh Thien
  • Vehicle detection and tracking in traffic videos - Trung D. Q. Dang, Hy V. G. Che
  • Camera-Based Fall Detection System – Chuong Tuan Kiet, Huynh Minh Phu
  • Restaurant Management System – Nguyen Phu Cuong, Do Tri Khai
  • Brain Tumor Segmentation in MRI Images – Nguyen Binh An, Vo Hai Trieu
Possible collaborative activities
  • Prof. Jacques A. Ferland, Université de Montréal
  • Prof. Viviane Gascon, Universite du Quebec a Trois-Rivieres, Trois-Rivieres, QC, Canada
  • Prof. Patrick De Causmaecker, Faculty of Science, Kulak Kortrijk Campus

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