With the aim of training high-quality human resources to meet the demands of domestic and foreign enterprises, the Faculty of Information Technology has deployed a high-quality training program based on academic credit system, accredited under ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance, with the first coures started in 2013.

Output standards of the program is built according to the standards of CDIO ensuring that the students are equipped with adequate knowledge, skills and attitudes to meet the demands of the society upon graduation. The program is built on the balance based on the equipment of professional knowledge and the development of personal skills, soft skills and foreign languages. It is guaranteed that graduates students can work well in both domestic and foreign enterprises or furter their study at postgraduate level.

  • The training program is built and developed from the Computer and Information Technology Major of the VNUHCM - University of Science (which has met AUN-QA standards, an educational quality accreditation standard for students). ASEAN university system)
  • A team of experienced lecturers and a team of academic and life consulting support throughout the learning process in the program.
  • Students can choose two directions: Strengthen English or supplement Japanese to ensure graduation as well as increase opportunities for students to meet the needs of high-quality human resources from many recruiting units.
  • The advanced training program emphasizes experiential elements and is learner-centered.
  • Small classes, high interaction.
  • The school encourages and creates conditions for students to participate in student exchange activities with foreign schools, cultural exchange programs, and domestic and international conferences and seminars.
  • Students have access to equipment and facilities invested at Campus 227 Nguyen Van Cu, District 5.

Students after 2 years of study can register to choose the following majors/industries:

  • Software technology
  • Information system
  • Computer science
  • Information technology
  • Data Science
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Computer Vision & Cognitive Cybernetics
  • Computer Networks and Telecommunications
  • Artificial Intelligence (expected to open in 2021)
  1. Admission form and criteria:
    • The admission program follows the Admissions Regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training and the General Admissions Project of the VNUHCM - University of Science based on the results of direct admission/priority admission, the results of the National University's Competency Assessment Exam - HCM, National High School Exam results.
    • Name of major: Information Technology (High Quality Program)
    • Industry code: 7480201_CLC
    • Combination of admission subjects: A00, A01, D07, B08
    • No foreign language certificate is required when applying for admission.
  2. Enrollment target: 440 students
  3. Training duration: 4 years (each year has 3 semesters)
  4. Language:
    • Option 1: Vietnamese, increasing teaching in English in some modules.
    • Option 2: Vietnamese, with Japanese language skills training in the first 2 years of study.
  5. Degree: Bachelor of Information Technology awarded by the VNUHCM - University of Science.
  6. Tuition: Depends on the actual number of credits students register for each semester. Revealing a maximum tuition increase of 10%/year.