The group focuses on topics including information search models, cross-language information search, text mining (such as legal documents), and big data analysis.

Study topic

  • Information Search Models (IR Models)
  • Cross-Language IR (Cross-Language IR)
  • Text Mining (Text Mining)
  • Big Data Analytics (Big Data Analytics)


  • Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ho Bao Quoc
  • Dr. Le Thi Nhan
  • Dr. Nguyen Truong Son
  • PhD student. Le Hoai Nam


  • Mining English-Vietnamese corpus from Internet
  • Building tools and resources for Vietnamese natural language processing (Building tools and resources for Vietnamese Natural Language Processing) – Branch project KC01
  • Building a Vietnamese-French-English Cross Languages Information Retrieval System (Building a Vietnamese-Frech-English Cross Languages Information Retrieval System) International cooperation project - sponsored by AUF
  • Text mining for legal text - A topic at the National University of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City

Possible collaborative activities

  • Projects on Information Search (monolingual, multilingual)
  • Projects to extract information from documents (Medical, Law, etc.)
  • Big data analytics projects

Scientific publication

  • Huan Doan, Dinh Thuan Nguyen, Bao Quoc Ho: Building a Measure to Integrate into a Hybrid Data Mining Method to Analyze the Risk of Customer. Advanced Computer and Communication Engineering Technology, 01/2016: pages 843-851; ISBN: 978-3-319-24582-9, DOI:10.1007/978-3-319-24584-3_71
  • Le Nguyen Hoai Nam, Ho Bao Quoc: The Hybrid Filter Feature Selection Methods for Improving High-Dimensional Text Categorization. International Journal of Uncertainty Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems 04/2017; 25(02):235-265., DOI:10.1142/S021848851750009X
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