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[VinHMS] Tuyển dụng Internship/ Fresher

25-07-2022 09:31

RnD Cloud Dev (Go, Java, Python … you name your Language)

VinHMS is a young startup with an ambitious dream: becoming an online platform that connects & provides the best solutions for the hospitality industry. Founded by a team with many years of experience building highly scalable applications on the cloud, with expertise of veterans from hospitality industry, backed up by one of the most respected corporate in the region, we believe we have a chance to build world class products from Viet Nam.
Join us, help us build something bigger than any of us ever built, have lots of fun along the way, and make history together.

What you’ll do
  • Design and build distributed systems, including both back-end and front-end components
  • Change Idea into PoC as fast as possible – Don’t mind starting from Zero everyday
  • Ready to Integrate with Anything from Software to Hardware
  • Self research and propose any free/paid package/solution that can solve the problem.
  • Work with cross-functional teams including UI/UX designers, product managers, and other software engineers
What you should have
  • Experiences working with a major programming language (Go, Python, Java … you name your language)
  • Experience with any Rest Frameworks that can quickly turn the idea into the PoC
  • Experience with relational database such as SQL, PostgreSQL
  • Experience working in Microservices
  • Experience with Git and Gitflow
  • Experience with REST/SOAP (Restful, GraphQL, gRPC is a plus)
  • Hands on experience with cloud technology such as GCP, AWS is a plus
  • Good Documenting and Good Presentation Skill
Advantage to have:
  • Kafka, GCP Pub/Sub, Redis, ElasticSearch experience.
  • Understand distributed cache; Understand eventual consistency
  • Familiar with Integration Task to Other Systems
  • A selfless nature that puts the needs of the team ahead of your own
  • Ability to collaborate and work effectively with a very small team
  • Willingness to work in a fast-paced and agile development environment
Work environment
Friendly, flexible, and fun working environment.
“We are looking for people with active mindset who want to BUILD things that they are proud of. So, even if you only know part of the list but you think you’re smart and can learn anything,  join with us. Nothing teaches better than real life experiences.”
Contact us:
Email to : v.luongnth5@cloudhms.net ; Phone No. : 0775742619 / Ms. Hiền Lương
Address:  Toong Coo -Working Space, No. 188 Vo Thi Sau Street, Vo Thi Sau Ward, Dist. 3, HCMC
More information at:   

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