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Đăng ký tham dự chương trình Shopee Engineering Webinar - 26 May 2020

25-05-2020 03:18

Calling all Software Engineers, and Computing & Engineering students!


Tech@Shopee will be organising a live webinar on 26 May, featuring @Shopee’s very own software engineers as they share more about Shopee's Release Management Journey (Automation).


You can stand to gain exclusive insights into our release management journey, and how it has helped to solidify Shopee's position as the leading e-commerce app. 


If you're interested to find out more about the systems behind our app, this is your chance. Interact with the engineers who were behind it all by submitting questions to our speakers, or even asking them yourself during the live session! 


Sign up now at: to register your interest for the webinar, and learn more about our software engineering openings in Singapore!



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