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Information about PhD Scholarships - Houston, USA


Houston Learning Algorithms (Hula) Lab at the University of Houston is looking for two Ph.D. candidates in machine learning and computer vision for Fall 2021. The students will work on exciting projects sponsored by the prestigious U.S. National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. Highly motivated students with a rigorous background in mathematics, signal processing, computer vision, or control theory are encouraged to apply. Please send your CV, transcripts, and personal statement to with the title "HULA Prospective Ph.D. Students for Fall 2021."

About Hula Lab:

    Dr. Hien Nguyen, an award-winning assistant professor, is the director of the Hula lab. Under his leadership, the lab has received over $ 1 million of government funding in the last two years. Hula has attracted six Ph.D. students, one of which has recently graduated with ten peer-reviewed publications. Our research focuses on developing novel machine learning and image analysis tools to address pressing challenges in medicine and healthcare. Hula has invested over half a million dollars in computing equipment (high-performing GPU and CPU clusters) to allow our students to prototype algorithms and visualize the results at high speed and scale. We work closely with experts at the #1 cancer center in the world (MD Anderson Cancer Center) and some of the best hospitals in the U.S. (Houston Methodist, Baylor College of Medicine)


  • Hien Nguyen 

  • Assistant Professor, 

  • Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Houston


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