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ChatGPT and AI: Challenges and Opportunities in Higher Education


ChatGPT, which was launched in November 2022, has generated a lot of interest on social media due to the opportunities and challenges it presents to users, especially in the field of Higher Education. To address this topic, the Faculty of Information Technology at the VNUHCM - University of Science organized a panel discussion on February 19th titled "Challenges and Opportunities in Higher Education" that brought together education and artificial intelligence experts. The program aimed to share valuable insights and provide guidance on how to adapt to the integration of AI in education. The event attracted a significant audience of around 250 in-person attendees and over 500 online viewers via the Zoom platform.

When asked about the potential negative effects of ChatGPT on humans, Dr. Giap Van Duong, an independent expert, highlighted the application's ability to impact our values, perceptions, beliefs, and even memories. To prevent negative consequences and harness the potential benefits of ChatGPT, users and students should develop critical and creative thinking skills.

ChatGPT itself acknowledges the need for proactive efforts and shared responsibility among developers and users to address its negative impacts. Therefore, it is crucial to research and implement solutions that ensure ChatGPT is used in a beneficial and responsible manner for human well-being.

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