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NUS Asian Fellowship Program 2023 - National University of Singapore (NUS)


Information on the NUS Asian Fellowship Programme scholarship for the year 2023 from the National University of Singapore (NUS) is as follows:

  • Purpose: The program focuses on talented and enthusiastic students from universities across Asia who will participate in discussions and propose solutions to common regional issues. The theme of the 2023 program is "Sustainability and Climate Change." In addition, students will be introduced to concepts related to a circular economy, energy, design thinking, and an overview of social business models.

  • Time and location: The program is expected to last for five weeks, from 05/06/2023 to 03/07/2023, including: 

    • From 05/06 - 09/06/2023: at NUS 

    • From 12/06 - 03/07/2023: Online

  • Expenses: Selected students will be exempt from attendance fees and accommodation at NUS. Other expenses will be paid for by the students.

  • Application conditions: 3-year student and above in all majors: 

    • Have excellent academic achievements and actively participate in extracurricular activities.

    • Good English proficiency, especially writing and speaking skills. 

    • Students commit to fully participate in the programme.

  • Application documents: 

    • Vietnamese transcript issued by the training institution. 

    • Copy of passport information page (notarization is not required). 

    • Curriculum vitae. 

    • English essay of 750-1000 words on the topic "How can social media promote sustainability on campus?". 

    • Evidence of extracurricular activities and achievements. 

    • Evidence of language proficiency (if any). 

    • Letter of recommendation from the Faculty/Supervisor.

  • Application process: 

Students send the hard copy to the International Relations Department (Room F.105, 227 Nguyen Van Cu, District 5) and the soft copy to the email address by 20/02/2023 (Monday). Application fee: 200,000 VND.

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