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Virginia Tech PhD Scholarship Information


Opening PhD Positions

I am looking for a couple of talented, self-motivated and hardworking PhD students interested in applied cryptography research at Virginia Tech in Fall 2021 or Spring 2022.

Why Virginia Tech?

• Top 30 engineering school

• Reputed computer science program (#40 in grad school ranking)

• Top-notch research environment with competitive salary

• Located in Blacksburg, a peaceful college town with high-tech companies nearby (, Amazon HQ2)

Research Topics

I am working in a broad aspect of applied cryptography, especially privacy-enhancing technologies. Some tentative research topics include, but are not limited to:

Secure and Trustworthy Critical Cyberinfrastructure

Searchable Encryption and Oblivious RAM

Secure Distributed File System and Cloud Storage

Secure Data Sharing Protocols

Applied Multi-Party Computation

Distributed Cloud Computation and Analytics

Distributed Cryptography


Trustworthy Computation

Verifiable Computation

Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning

Differentially Private Machine Learning

Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning

TEE-Supported Secure Computation



  • Solid background in CS and Math (data structures, algorithm, number theory)

  • Very good programming skills, especially in C, C++ and python

  • BS degree in ECE/CS with a high GPA

  • TOEFL (min. 90)


  • MS degree in ECE/CS/Math

  • High GPA on cybersecurity courses (cryptography, network security, system security)

  • Publication in known security & privacy conferences and journals


  • Please email the following documents to

  • Motivation letter

  • Research statement

  • Transcripts

  • CV

  • Three reference letters

  • Publications (if any)

Professor Profile

Thang Hoang, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science

Virginia Tech

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