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Congratulations to the Faculty of Information Technology on the pilot opening of the Artificial Intelligence Master's and Doctoral programs in 2022


On December 15th, the VNUHCM - University of Science received a decision from the Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNUHCM) to become the first university in the VNUHCM to pilot the Artificial Intelligence (AI) program for Master's and Doctorate degrees in 2022.

The AI Master's program aims to:

  • Train high-quality Master's level human resources in the field of AI to serve the research and development of AI solutions, machine learning, and big data processing;

  • Through learning and scientific research activities, students are oriented to build a solid foundation of knowledge, demonstrate the ability to self-study, work independently and creatively, cultivate scientific ethics and professionalism;

  • Upon completing the program, students will be equipped with in-depth knowledge of AI to solve scientific and technical problems in the field, ready to become part of the high-level human resources in AI, serving the development and implementation of AI solutions in Ho Chi Minh City as well as the whole country.

The difference of this program compared to the Computer Science Master's program:

Before proposing the project to open the AI major, AI was a specialization in the Computer Science Master's program. When AI became a separate major, the curriculum would focus deeply on AI with subjects such as Advanced Machine Learning, Big Data Mining, Machine Learning with Graph Data, and AI on Everything. This AI program avoids being spread out like the Computer Science program.

The AI major at the PhD level aims to:

  • Train a team of researchers and high-level engineers in the field of AI, responding to the trend of scientific and technological development in the context of Education 4.0;

  • Students demonstrate the ability to conduct independent research, lead research and innovation through learning activities and scientific research to effectively solve scientific and technical issues in the AI field, ready to become part of Vietnam's high-level workforce during the integration period;

  • Graduate AI research students need to demonstrate the ability to proficiently apply processes and machine learning models to solve specific problems in this field.

The prominence and uniqueness of the Artificial Intelligence field at the Ph.D. level:

This is one of the most rapidly developing research directions of Information Technology, especially in the fourth industrial revolution. Artificial intelligence plays a core role in creating breakthroughs in science.

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