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[HCM] Công Ty Phát Triển Và Phát Hành Game Đa Quốc Gia GAMELOFT Tuyển Dụng Thực Tập Sinh Quản Lý Dự Án (Backend Team) Full-time 2022

01-11-2022 16:41

Job Description

Job Purpose

  • Backend Team Producer Intern is in charge of managing the process of backend development (CMS, API,..) from the first pitch proposal to the release of any G4B stand-alone project. It includes also following up with on important core tasks and controlling project status to ensure that new backend development meet their deadlines
  • A good understanding of Web technical possibilities and be able to understand complex technical issues
  • Deep interest in high-tech and confidence in your communication and your management skills


Project Management and Support

  • Have a good understanding of Web and Cloud technical possibilities
  • Be able to apprehend complex technical architecture of any G4B projects to apply backend features integration (including hosting, CMS and dashboard deployment,…) and maintenance.
  • Be the key contact for others Game Team Producer projects about Core Backend features; communicating fluently, clearly and concisely;
  • Be able to provide clear and complete status of the project to upper management and stakeholders
  • Coordinate with others project teams in order to track project’s need, timeline development, team’s productivity, formats performance and quality;
  • Have the ability to foresee issues/risks of the different projects in development and take immediate preventive actions to avoid them;
  • Conduct post-mortem analysis to learn from both successes and mistakes in order to improve processes and establish best practices.

Resource Management

  • Organize brainstorming sessions with team members and project dedicated programmers to define the core features implementation
  • Coordinate and follow up with the team wisely and pro-actively, in order to ensure smooth implementation of the assigned projects

Contribution in Management

  • Actively raise ideas/solutions to prevent/solve problems in game production, to improve working processes, methods of management, coordination between teams (inside and outside the Studio)


  • Good organization and risk management skills;
  • Result-oriented and with positive mindset and ability to think out of the box;
  • Great team work and keep high demand in terms of quality of work delivered by the teams and oneself;
  • Good communication skills in English (writing, listening and speaking);

Additional Information

What you will gain:

  • An allowance of 6,000,000 VND gross/month
  • Be guided and work with professionals in the industry.
  • Be a part of our multicultural team of talents and international exposure working with our team in South East Asia.
  • Learn how to organize, multitask and manage time.
  • Join a fun and modern working space with a dedicated Gaming Area!

How To Apply?

  • Send your CV and cover letter (optional) to: sai-recruitment@gameloft.com, titled: G4B_PROD Intern_Your Full Name or apply here 

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