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[Renesas] Fresh Software Design Engineer (Logic/Physical) work in HCM or Da Nang

17-05-2022 04:25

Job description

  • Design, code, and test the embedded software functions, modules, libraries, drivers, and integrated systems on Renesas MCU/SoC chip.
  • Thiết kế, lập trình và kiểm thử các hàm, mô đun, thư viện, chương trình điều khiển của phần mềm nhúng, và các hệ thống tích hợp trên chip/vi điều khiển của Renesas
  • Design, code, and test the tools for embedded software developing on Renesas MCU/SoC chip.
  • Thiết kế, lập trình, và kiểm thử các công cụ phát triển phần mềm nhúng trên chip/vi điều khiển của Renesas

    *** Registration at: https://forms.gle/nUQoSEQvjhGJvTNe6

Job requirement

  • New Graduates in 2020/ 2021 who completes all subjects & thesis) before June 2022, majoring Telecommunications, Mechatronics, Automation, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Mathematics – Computer Science, Physics – Electronics, and Physics – Computer Science
  • Good at English in both writing and speaking skills, distinguished competence, consistent in pursuing of excellence, professional behavior, and good relationships with others and society.
  • Have strong passion in technical field, esp. embedded software and application development, Multimedia development.
  • Have logical thinking and explanation; be serious and mature in working attitude
  • Have good working attitude, diligence, can-do attitude, proactive approach, team work spirit and creativity.
  • Long term working commitment (at least two years after completion of the training program) with company is a MUST

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