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[Wizeline] An exclusive “Mock Interview” coming soon at HCMUS Job Fair 2023 — Spots are limited

04-04-2023 16:34

Want to improve your interview skills in a real-world scenario?

Let’s visit the Wizeline booth for “Mock Interviews” at the upcoming HCMUS Job Fair!

Mock Interviews are an optimal way to prepare for an actual job interview by practicing your interviewing skills with professionals, receiving feedback, and finding new tips and tricks to improve. Remember the expression “practice makes perfect”!

On 16 April, we offer you an exclusive opportunity to interact with our experienced interviewers from our Talent Acquisition and Engineering teams and receive valuable feedback from them. The session will be in Vietnamese or English, depending on your comfort.

Book your calendar so you don’t miss the chance. Our Wizeline team will be there to welcome you!

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