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BioTuring Vietnam Company is recruiting for 4 Algorithm Engineer positions


As a member of the algorithm team at BioTuring, you not only have the opportunity to explore interesting problems, apply acquired knowledge to research, and develop in-depth expertise continually but also have the chance to write papers and publish scientific works. If you are seeking a place for the youth to learn and grow, to engage in thoughtful contemplation of challenging problems, then this job is for you.
- Proficiency in algorithms and data structures, or a solid foundation in mathematics.
- A driven individual with a passion for tackling complex engineering and algorithmic challenges.
����Tasks: there are multiple opening tasks:
- Build very large scale analytic system
- Build parallel algorithms using CUDA (C++)
- Apply and develop new deep learning, and reinforcement learning methods
����Full-time and work at office in Thao Dien, HCM. Send your CV to:
����About us: We are a bioinformatics company, working toward an intelligent system that can make new discoveries to understand and treat diseases.

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