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MBZUAI Undergraduate Research Internship Program


As the first research based & graduate level AI university in the world, MBZUAI now ranks 18th in Csrankings in AI globally, with 866 publications in conferences and journals in 2023 by November. MBZUAI has 64 faculty members and 276 students, 50% faculty member are from top 100 AI institutions, and 20% current students graduated from top 100 CSranked universities including CMU, Tsinghua, PKU, Standford, MIT, Geogia Tech, NYU, and etc.

MBZUAI is actively seeking talented students from top universities locally & globally, and is providing full-scholarship MSc/PhD programs in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Computer Science and Robotics. The scholarship package includes free tuition fee, free accommodation, free visa & health insurance fee, free annual round tickets to/from the home country, and an extra monthly stipend of 8000AED (2180USD) for MSc students, and 10000AED (2725USD) for PhD students.

MBZUAI is also offering a 4-week research internship opportunity for undergraduate students starting from 27th May to 21st June 2024 (application opens from 1st Jan till 29th Feb), you may find more information from the link:

You can view information about the School through this file link: Or you can visit the university website for more information:

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