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Self-assessment of students' mental health


Perhaps not a few times we feel worried or tired of the pressures in life and studying. So have you ever wondered about the state of your own mental health?

The Faculty of Information Technology introduces students to the tool "Self-assessment of Anxiety - Depression - Stress levels" (based on DASS 42 - Lovibond SH, Lovibond PF. Manual for the Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (DASS), University of New South Wales, 1993). Not only does this tool help you identify your mental health status, but after completion, those who receive a rough assessment of the issues they face will have the opportunity to interact and share directly with psychological counseling experts - Specialist Doctor. Pham Tran Thanh Nghiep.
Dr. Pham Tran Thanh Nghiep is a highly trained psychologist with extensive experience, currently working at the Psychology - Psychiatric Unit of Hoan My Saigon Hospital..

- Step 1: Press "Start" to perform the assessment tool 
- Step 2: Complete the questions 
- Step 3: Press "Finish" after completion for the results to be recorded

The reason you should use this self-assessment tool: 
✅Reflect on your psychological state 
✅Get connected with psychological counseling experts when needed 
✅Together with #FITHCMUS to care for and raise awareness about students' mental health
In addition, those who wish to make an appointment with the doctor should not hesitate to register via the following link:  

All your information will be kept confidential.
Let's carry out and share this message to create a mentally healthy student community together!

����Email of department in charge: 

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