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Congratulations on the excellent achievements at the Vietnam Informatics Olympic and the International Collegiate Programming Contest ICPC Asia


At the Vietnam Student Informatics Olympic

Non-Informatics Division

- Champion: Vo Hoang Anh (High-Quality Program, Class of 2022)
- First Prize: Cao Huu Khuong Duy (High-Quality Program, Class of 2022)
- Second Prize: Phan Hai Minh (High-Quality Program, Class of 2022)
First Prize in Team Non-Professional Division

Informatics Division

- First prize:
Phan Duy Trung Hieu (Bachelor of Talents Class of 2019)
Le Minh Hoang (Advanced Program Class of 2020)
- The second prize:
Pham Van Tan Sang (Advanced Program Class of 2021)
The First Prize of the Team of the Specialist Division

Super Cup Division

- Third Prize: Ho Ngoc Vinh Phat (Advanced Program Class of 2021)
- Bronze:
Thai Xuan Dang (Honors program of 2019)
Le Bao Hiep (Advanced Program Class of 2020)

At ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest

Champion: Team HCMUS-Burned Tomatoes includes Le Bao Hiep (Advanced program class 2020), Nguyen Vu Dang Huy (Advanced program class 2021), and Ho Ngoc Vinh Phat (Advanced program class 2021).

Congratulations on our achievement at the Vietnam Student Informatics Olympic and the Asia ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest. All of the above achievements are the result of all the efforts of the student with the school's coaching staff.

FIT.HCMUS also would like to thank Shopee Sponsor for accompanying the team.

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