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Katalon advanced internship program 2023

20-04-2023 10:34

Katalon advanced internship program 2023 application is now open!

Want to be the first generation of #Kastronaut to conquer our Kataverse? Get ready, hop on your spaceship, and APPLY TODAY katalon.com/careers/the-next-gen-K.
Multiple positions in Engineering, Product Management, Community & Education, Information Security, Sales & Success, Marketing, etc are waiting to find their best fits. 

Who can join:
▪️ A self-starter who is eager to learn and possesses a can-do attitude
▪️ An effective problem solver who is able to adapt to a fast-paced and dynamic environment
▪️ An effective communicator in both Vietnamese and English
▪️ A tech-savvy who feels comfortable working with technical terminology and modern technologies on a daily basis

Application timeline
▪️ Apr 17 - May 31: CV screening
▪️ Apr 24 - Jun 09: Video interview
▪️ May 03 - Jun 15: Onsite interview
▪️ Jul 03 - Dec 31: Internship period

Deadline for application: May 31, 2023
But don't wait any longer, we are so excited to onboard you as The Next Gen-K!

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