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26-08-2022 01:54

IT MAINTENANCE - Chấp nhận sinh viên mới ra trường!!
Lương: 10-15 triệu/tháng
Scope of work
  • Maintain database to make sure reports / data run smoothly
  • Monitor issues in the pipeline, Ensure the stability and continuity of data ETL operations
  • Database management including maintaining database structure, data is cleansed and structured as aligned time-line by leveraging the database in DMS and other sales database sources
  • Maintain source code and responsible for jobs execution in SQL to update baseline tables / reports
  • Run ad-hoc query / reports & help in building dashboards
  • 1.5-2 years of overall exp, computer science background
  • Query language : SQL
  • Familiar with Tableau / PowerB
  • Having FMCG Background is a plus
Làm việc từ T2 - T6 (9h00 - 17h) nghỉ T7 và CN
Ứng viên apply CV theo tiêu đề [PVS_IT] - [Họ và tên] qua mail
Contact: Zalo Ms.Ngân - 0979011670

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