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[ELCA Vietnam] ELCA Esport tournament 2022

27-06-2022 15:00

️Are you a developer? And you are also a gamer?

ELCA proudly presents the ELCA Esport tournament 2022 on 16th July 2022 .

Either you are a professional gamer or just an amateur player, we welcome you to the Esport day where we spend time and conquer the game together.

👉 Here is another reasons to join the game that total 20,000,000 in prize is waiting for you.

👉 What will we play?.

Fifa/PES (Playstation / PC) - (Single play)

LOL (PC) - (Team play)

League of Legends: Wild Rift (Mobile) - (Team play)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Team play)

We are opening 20 slots for those developers who are from outside ELCA Vietnam. Please register here https://forms.gle/4fqtvBWNuRWEaWiv8 

P/s we will stop receiving the registration when we have enough number of external participants.

For further question please inbox our fanpage for more support

👉 Join ELCA & SECUTIX now https://www.elca.vn/en/job-opportunities

#ELCA #SECUTIX #Wemakeitwork #YouwillloveELCA #Unlockyourpotential #GPTWcertified

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