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VNUHCM-US has 2 campuses: one is at 227 Nguyen Van Cu, Dist. 5 (Campus 1) and the other is in Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc Dist. (Campus 2). The University also has the support staffs for each  campus to ensure everything going smoothly.

Campus 1 is for the students in the professional phase. There are more than 50 classrooms in which each has the capacity of 30 to 150 seats, equipped with lighting, sound systems and blackboards. Some classrooms are equipped with computers, projectors and projector screens. There are 2 auditoriums: one with the capacity of more than 300 seats (Auditorium 1) and the other one is nearly 500 seats (Auditorium 2). These auditoriums are equipped with computers, sound systems, and projectors. In addition, there is a Hall with over 200 seats for meetings, seminars, and national or international conferences.

Campus 2 is for the students in the general phase which has more than 60 classrooms. Each classroom has a capacity of 30 to 200 seats, equipped with lighting, sound systems and blackboards. Many classrooms have projectors and projector screens. There is a big auditorium with the capacity of more than 400 seats. Moreover, campus 2 has just been built recently on a large area just outside the city center. Thus, it is green and clean with very good infrastructure including health care center as well as soccer, volley ball, badminton fields to support the recreational activities of students.

The University is equipped with more than 30 portable projectors and 10 portable screens to support lecturers and students in teaching and learning activities. Most parts of the university campuses are covered by the WiFi systems for internet connections. In addition to the facilities from the university, FIT also has nearly 10 projectors and some laptops to serve the teaching, learning and research activities for lecturers and students.

In the coming years, the university continues to invest and build Campus 2 to make it become one of the best teaching and learning environments in Vietnam.

Computer labs

FIT has 10 computer labs with internet connection, equipped with projectors, screens, sound systems. The computers are upgraded yearly and replaced if it is 5 years old. There are about 500 computers in total for students.

There are 2-4 free-accessed computer labs opening regularly from 7h am – 11h30 am and 13h00 pm – 17h30 pm. All computer systems are installed appropriate software for teaching and learning activities, especially the free academic software kit (MSDNAA) from Microsoft Vietnam.

FIT has 6 technical staff members supporting these computer labs. The detailed information about computer labs can be found in the following table :


Room Number

Number of Computers






Floor 5, I Building

CPU: P.4 2,4Ghz; RAM: 512MB – 1GB HDD: 80GB




Floor 6, I Building

CPU: P.4 2,4Ghz; RAM: 2GB; HDD: 80GB




Floor 6, I Building

CPU: Dual-core 2 3Ghz; RAM: 2GB; HDD: 160GB




Floor 7, I Building

CPU: P.4 3Ghz; RAM: 2GB; HDD: 80GB




Floor 7, I Building

CPU: Dual-core 2 3Ghz; RAM: 2GB; HDD: 160GB




Floor 4, C Building

CPU: P.4 2,4Ghz; RAM: 512MB; HDD: 80GB




Zone C, Linh Trung – Thu Đuc

CPU: P.4 1,5Ghz; RAM: 256MB; HDD: 40GB




Zone C, Linh Trung – Thu Đuc

CPU: P.4 1.5Ghz;RAM: 256MB; HDD: 40GB




Zone C, Linh Trung – Thu Đuc

CPU: P.4 3Ghz; RAM: 512MB; HDD: 40GB




Zone C, Linh Trung – Thu Đuc

CPU: Dual-core 2 3Ghz; RAM: 2GB; HDD: 160GB

In each department, every lecturer is provided a computer system for their teaching and researching.

FIT is equipped with a powerful server systems to run student supporting software applications and services.

With an annual budget for computer labs, FIT upgrades and maintains the computer in the labs or in each department. Computer systems are replaced after the usage of 5 years. In addition, sometimes, if there is financial support from the university or from other sources, computer labs are upgraded to ensure the high level teaching and learning activities.

With the size of the current computer labs, together with the online support learning system, FIT has met well the demands from students for practicing.

Research laboratories

FIT has 4 laboratories for lecturers and students to do research and study. Students can register to use resources in these laboratories.

  • Software Engineering Laboratory (SELab) has over 30 computers for doing research on software topics and developing software applications for domestic and international markets. SELab was invested over 6 billion VND in 2002.
  • Artificial Intelligent Laboratory (AILab) was invested about 7 billion VND in 2009 for lecturers and students to do research on AI related topics. At present, the lab is being equipped with special devices and equipments for research in Artificial Intelligence. Currently, it is mainly used by lecturers and students from Computer Science and Knowledge Engineering departments.
  • Network Security Laboratory (NSLab) has special equipments serving specially for lecturers and students in Computer Network and Communication department to do research.
  • The Embedded Systems Laboratories:
    • One lab is sponsored by Philips – NXP and the: the lab is equipped with 20 PC and 20 MCB2300 Development Board for students and lecturers who are interested in embedded systems.
    • The other one is sponsored by Renesas – Japan. It is equipped with 20 Board T-Engine SH7760 for students’ and lecturers’ research


FIT had its own library but it was closed in 2007. At present, FIT students and lecturers are using the university libraries for teaching and learning activities.

The university has 2 libraries: one is for undergraduate students and the other one is mainly for postgraduates and lecturers. Undergraduate students are also allowed to use the postgraduate library but only when he/she gets his/her supervisors’ agreements and support.

The library has more than 19000 titles  including books, magazines, newspapers and journals in Vietnamse, English, and some other foreign languages. The library is also storing more than 1800 theses of PhD and M.S with IT major.

The reading room has the capacities of nearly 500 seats. The computer lab room with over 110 computers is a part of the library for students and lecturers access. The library service system can be accessed at any time via the internet connection.

Supporting information systems

Besides the information management systems of the University, FIT also has computer software applications to help and manage FIT’s teaching and learning activities. At present, FIT has been deploying the following support systems:

  • Courses Website: was deployed in 2006. There have been over 10.000 users and this website has been supporting over 100 courses per semester. This is one of the most useful supporting systems which help to improve the teaching quality of FIT in recent years.
  • EFAC system includes a PC application and a web interface. The system supports the support staff members in scheduling the classes, assigning lecturers to courses, managing student results and enrollments.
  • FIT Website: (in English and Vietnamese) is a portal of FIT, where provides useful information for students, lecturers and potential students. The system always has large traffic and is evaluated as one of the most accessed training portals in Vietnam in 2007.