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[Sign Up Now!] Explore the Tech scene with the Shopee Engineering Team

23-03-2020 08:31

Calling all computing and engineering undergrads, as well as software engineers!

To help you have access to learning without leaving the comforts of your own home during this period, we are bringing new knowledge and information to your doorstep! @Shopee will be organising two webinars on 2nd and 7th April, with Shopee’s very own software engineers. They will be sharing about Shopee iOS - How We Designed a Scalable Architecture and Shopee Backend for Frontend Architecture. 

Through these two sessions of webinar, you will be able to gain exclusive insights into our system and the applications we use to solidify our position as a leading e-commerce app. 

If you are interested to find out more about the systems behind our app, this is your chance to hear from the engineers who are behind it all. Sign up here, and submit questions that you may have for our speakers, or simply ask those questions during the live webinar!   

We are hiring software engineers across the region! Join the following webinars to find out more.
The registration for both webinars will close on 31 March, Tuesday at 11:59pm


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