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Seminar "Memory Corruption - Exploits and Defenses" (Jan 08, 2020)

06-01-2020 02:46

Kính chào các anh/chị học viên, 

Kính mời các anh/ chị đến tham dự buổi Seminar được tổ chức tại trường với chủ đề: Memory Corruption - Exploits and Defenses
  • Người trình bày: Nguyễn Như Huân (NCS năm 3, Stony Brook University)
  • Thời gian: 9:00-11:00, thứ Tư,  8/1/2020
  • Địa điểm: phòng I.71 (dãy I, lầu 7)
Memory vulnerabilities have long been a major security problem in softwares developed in unsafe languages, such as C and C++. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities may lead to leaking of sensitive information and/or execution of malicious code. Despite these security risks, C and C++ have been adopted in essential software such as operating system and numerous critical softwares due to its low level features and good performance. In the past, attackers simply hijacked and redirected control flow to their injected code. However, with the broad deployment of data execution prevention, code injection attacks became infeasible. As a result, attackers have focused on code reuse attack techniques. This talk will first introduce memory corruption attacks and defenses at a high level, before expanding on our state-of-the-art binary reverse engineering techniques needed for low level security tools.

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