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The 2024 Science and Technology Prize for University Students in Educational Institutions


To encourage the scientific research spirit of young lecturers and students, FIT-HCMUS sends to esteemed lecturers and students the 'Science and Technology Prize for University Students in Educational Institutions in 2024' as follows:

1. Conditions:
  • Each project is undertaken by 01 student as the main executor, with no more than 05 participating members and a maximum of 02 supervisors, including 01 main supervisor.
  • The project's outcome must be published or applied in practice for at least 01 year from the submission date of the award application. Forms of publication include: specialized books, reference books licensed for publication; articles published in scientific journals; reports presented or published in conference proceedings, scientific seminars nationally and internationally; reports or exhibitions, product demonstrations at conferences, seminars, seminars from faculty level upwards; applications in practice confirmed by organizations, units using the project's products.
  • Projects must not have received or submitted for participation in any awards from the Ministry or equivalent at the time of submission;
NOTE: Thesis and capstone projects are NOT eligible for submission for the Prize.

2. Required Documents for the Prize Consideration:

  • Registration form for participation in the Student Prize (Form 01b-TT45);
  • Three (03) summary reports of the project participating in the Prize (Form 04-TT45);
  • One (01) set of documentary evidence of scientific publication from the research results of the project or comments, evaluations from the applying institution (if any); copies of scientific and technological documents, other related documents to the work (if any) (Form 05-TT45).
3. Submission Time and Method:

Submission period: From now until the end of May 10, 2024 (Hard copies sent from Monday to Friday during office hours)
Submission location: Submission documents for participation in the Prize include hard copies and soft copies (Word and PDF files).
  • Hard copy documents: send to the Faculty of Information Technology - Room I.53, 227 Nguyen Van Cu, Ward 4, District 5
  • Soft copy documents: send to Ms. Nguyen Tran Thuc Uyen via email at
Additionally, please fill in the registration information in the following file:
For specific information about the Prize and related application forms, please refer to this link:

For any inquiries, please contact Ms. Nguyen Tran Thuc Uyen via email at

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