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Let's Run! UPRACE 2023 has officially started!


UpRace 2023 has officially begun today, 06/10, and will last until 29/10. Calling all 500 HCMUS students, let's lace up and leave your running marks on the "Journey of Happiness" to contribute to one of the three social organizations in the UpRace 2023 event. Let's go!

Instructions to participate in UpRace 2023 and record achievements: 

Complete details on the rules of UpRace 2023: 

Don't miss the Minigame “Run now, cheer then” exclusively for the School Board:

Don't forget to immediately participate in the Minigame “Run now, cheer then” exclusively for the School Board to have the opportunity to receive attractive prizes with the following steps:

Upload photos of running with a team/group or individual pictures, while recording the running distance on the UpRace App and recounting the journey of personal transformation through the race. You can also share about an interesting memory you observed/experienced during the 24-day challenge.

Hashtag #UpRace2023 #TheJoyfulRoad #Runnowcheerthen

Enter your participation details:

Prizes: The 80 luckiest participants chosen by the UpRace Organizing Committee will receive a Combo of a multifunctional scarf & a UpRace ceramic cup.

Please note:

  • Participants must be students and can ONLY join ONE team on UpRace. For instance, a student joining the HCMUS team cannot join another group.

  • The organizing committee has the right to remove participants from the list if any fraudulent behavior is detected or if they are not the intended participants.

  • Minigame duration: 6/10 - 29/10

  • Results announcement: 8/11

Don't forget to follow the UpRace Fanpage for the latest event updates:

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