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16-04-2021 02:43

Call for Interns 2021
We  are  calling  for  internship  applications  from  undergraduate  and  postgraduate computer science students to work with us this coming summer. 
Inquisico  is  a  start-up  based  in  Singapore  providing  clients  predominantly  with networking  and  infrastructure  solutions (check  out  Based  on  our findings,  most  businesses  do  not  have  the  expertise  or  the  scale  to  deploy  and maintain  highly  available  networking  and  identity  services.  We  plan  to  extend  our offering  to  provide  this  software  as  a  service  (SaaS)  and  leverage  cloud-native solutions to provision them worldwide to achieve economies of scale.
If  you  are  looking  for  a  challenge,  look  no  further.  In  this  internship,  you  will  be leveraging the latest technologies such as Go, Vue.js, Docker, and Kubernetes, plus witness the whole process of taking a plan from inception to production.
Project scope
To create a web application for users to manage their profile, subscriptions, and billing.  The  API  will  be written using  Golang and  backed  by  MariaDB  (MySQL),  and  the frontend will be using Vue.js.
We are looking for two (2) interns, and we will close the applications as soon as we find suitable candidates.
We looking for someone who has
•  A strong learning attitude!
•  Self-motivation
•  An obsession to write good, readable, and documented code
•  Basic command of English
•  Some experience in Golang or Vue.js would be good to have (but not required)

Remuneration: VND 8 Mil / Month
Duration: 3 Months
Location: Anywhere in the world

To apply, email by 7 May 2021 with your resume and a recent transcript for an interview.
An internship report will be provided at the end of the internship. There is a possibility of an optional part-time role to maintain the application after the internship.

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