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Công ty Dirox tuyển dụng NodeJS internship

08-01-2019 11:46

Who is Dirox and what is the Job about :

Dirox is a Multicultural Company found in 2003, where your Pro-activity and Can do attitude are expected.

Participate with us to First class projects for great foreign customers North America, Europe and Australia.

Work in an environment where Teamwork, Independence and Communication are Key for software success and customer satisfaction.

Grow your expertise and learn from great Technical People and great R&D projects.

Develop your knowledge on other areas such as Business Analysis, Customer Handling, Improvement Loop, Test Automation …

Learn from the diversity of our different customer types and business activites like startups, social media, telco, web agencies, media, fmcg, bank, public, sector, health, finance…

Our DNA is: Customer First, Software that Works, Team Spirit, and a Work you Love.

We are looking for NodeJS Interns to join our web development team, who will 

Responsibilities for:

  • Dive in reals project with height responsibilities.
  • Assist with all aspects of the product lifecycle, from specifications to development through QA.
  • Collaborate on development and finding/fixing bugs.

You should have:

  • Interest in problem solving skills
  • Basic knowledge of NodeJs, MongoDb, MySQL
  • Good knowledge of OOP programming, if you say you are developer, it means you have to knew about OOP, you didn’t, right?
  • Knowledge of web front-end development techniques using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Integration skills is a plus.

English Level

  • Easily understand written English such as customer requirements
  • Occasionally write some internal deliverable in English
Email: hoặc
SĐT: 71066379


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