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Công ty Sharp-In-U (SIU) tổ chức chương trình CrossOver - Software Testing Training

27-12-2017 12:00

CrossOver - Software Testing Training at Sharp-In-U

Is a training program that guides students, new testers and professionals to develop and to shape their career in software testing. The integrated training program is designed and delivered by Sharp-In-U and MeU Solutions. The program is a combination of two schools - Conventional Testing and Context-Driven Testing with 2 phases

What benefits do you get from this program?

The rise of software testing is demanding talent testers with strong skills and bright minds, Software Testing Without Border aims to developing talent people by knowledge and hands-on experience gained through the program. It provides the following career benefits:

  • Enhances one’s skills on software testing through formal training and practices
  • Earns experiences in testing, team-work, softskills with practical projects at MeU Solutions
  • Sharp the mind to think a problem critically and laterally (think as scientists). Then, look at software & products in diverse standpoint views
  • Have opportunity to experience on modern software testing approach – context-driven testing – an approach for agile testing.

Training at SIU

5 knowledge Areas

  •  Software Testing Principles and Concepts
  • Software Testing Design
  • Software Testing Exacution
  • Measurement Test Status, Analysis and Reporting
  • Plan Test and Execute Plan
  • Testing Specialized Technologies  

Internship at MeU

Earn experiences with 1 month internship at MeU Solutions. Working with test professionals at MeU Solutions in hands – on/ real projects with both conventional and context – driven testing apporach.

Working at ITO

Qualified candidates are offered to work for ITOs which are IT companies has partnership with SIU. Working for these ITOs is pre – agreement between SIU and training attendees


A75 /48-50 Bach Dang St,  Tan Binh District, HCMC

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