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Công ty Preload tuyển dụng Software Developer

17-01-2022 18:35

Preload invented the wire‐wound prestressed concrete tank back in the 1930’s and has been innovating ever since. We devote a significant amount of time and resources to finding new ways to improve our work and processes. Our efforts in developing a system of connected software applications is just one example of this.  
In collaboration with a skilled development team, the person in this position will be helping us build a suite of desktop, web‐based, and mobile data‐base driven applications.  These applications are used to manage and improve the business processes and data management related to the engineering and construction of prestressed concrete tanks.  
This work will involve a lot of greenfield development.  
We are looking for someone skilled and experienced in developing production code with the imagination and soft skills to contribute to UI and UX feature design discussions, as well as producing intelligent architectural decisions and solving business problems with software implementations. In‐house software development directly impacts the current and future success of Preload and is critical to its ongoing business operations. Successful work will see the light of production and continued integration with our system.   
Job Title:   Software Developer 
Location:   Remote 
Salary: 1300USD - 3000USD
a.  Bachelor’s in Computer Science or equivalent 
b.  Experience: 5+ years 
c.  Proficient in C# 8+, WPF MVVM, SQL Server, and .NET stack 
d.  Knowledgeable in relational database design, data‐driven desktop application design, and third‐party software and library integration 
e.  Professional, self‐motivated and detail oriented 
f.  Able to work independently and efficiently with minimal oversight 
g.  Proficient communication and interpersonal skills in English 
h.  Willing to work with other team members remotely 
Preferred Qualifications:  
a.  Experienced in Open API, Dapper, and data driven MVC Web App 
b.  Experienced with Agile software development methods 
c.  Knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and .NET Core 
d.  Knowledge in Azure DevOps is a plus 
e.  Able to learn and implement new technologies quickly 
f.  Solid understanding of mathematical concepts, proficiency in calculus and numerical method is a 
Strong problem‐solving skills, thoughtful and imaginative 

If you are interested in this offer, please send us your CV and Application email to

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