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Shopee tuyển dụng Software Engineers

22-07-2022 15:07

We are looking for talented Software Engineers to be a part of our Engineering Team at Shopee Vietnam and Singapore offices.

Let’s check out the opening jobs:


Backend Engineer - Local Product:  


Backend Engineer - Recommendation 

Backend Engineer - App Infra                                   

Server Engineer - Paid Ads                        

Senior Server Engineer - Paid Ads   

Backend Engineer - Digital Bank                                

Backend Engineer - Marketplace Tech Services        

Backend Engineer - Messaging                                  

Backend Engineer - User                                            

Backend Engineer -  Promotion                                   

Backend Engineer -  Marketplace Order                     

Frontend Engineer - Promotion                                   

Come join us and explore the impactful life of the Shopee Engineering Team!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email ( or skype (luanla82)

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