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Công ty Futurify tuyển dụng Intern Developer

22-06-2022 10:16

● Must be actively enrolled in an accredited college or university, as a junior, senior or graduate student (in good standing.)
● Must be pursuing a degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Information Systems or related field of study.
● Must have successfully completed at least one course using an Object-Oriented language. C# .NET or Java is preferred.
● Ability to work in teams
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills are a must.

● Opportunity to participate in company events and meetings
● Flexible schedule for students
● Compensation available depends on skills and experience.
● Practical experience with a wide variety of software engineering tasks
● Collaborating hand-in-hand with skilled teams of software engineers
● Shadowing, mentoring, and training opportunities with seasoned professionals
● Office is an open space which has no private room for C-level executives. Freestyle dress code. Flexible working hours.
● Football club
● All members are encouraged to develop their own ideas and turn into real products.

Apply your CV via email:

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